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A Short History of Scotland

c.450mil BC-Northern Highland & Grampian Mountains are formed.
c 4000 BC-Neolithic farmers arrive, building burial chambers &stone circles.
c2,000 BC-Bronze Age, stone circles built in Orkneys & Lewis.
c500 BC-Iron Age tribes build their stone towers, the Brochs.
123 -Roman Emperor Hadrian starts building his border wall.
563-Columba arrives on Iona to spread Christianity
600-First recorded sighting of the 'Loch Ness Monster'.
c900- Vikings arrive in Orkney Islands.
1005- MacBeth  last of  Scotland's Gaelic Kings is born.
1018-Kingdom of Scotland is born through merger.
1136-Building starts on Melrose Abbey.
1174-Stirling Castle given to English for release of Scottish King William.
1250-Saint Margaret  is canonized by Innocent IV
1270-William Wallace born.
1306-Robert the Bruce crowned King of Scotland.
1314-Bruce defeats English at Bannochburn.
1320-Declaration of Arbroath asserting Scotland's independence.
1323-Crathe Castle, with its beautiful gardens.
1401-Building starts on Dunrobin Castle
1410-St Andrews university founded.
1446-Rosslyn Chapel, construction commenced by William St Clair, Prince of Orkney
1450-Glasgow declared a City.
1501-James IV starts building Falkland Palace
1513-Scots defeated at Flodden by English.
1542-Birth of Mary Queen of Scots.
1559-John Knox denounces Roman Catholic church as idolatry.


1571-Siege of Edinburgh Castle.
1587-Execution of Mary Queen of Scots
1597-Culross Palace built.
1603-Elizabeth of England dies, James VI of Scotland Becomes James I of England
1671-Birth of Rob Roy Macgregor
1676-Alexander Selkirk   "Robinson Crusoe" born.
1685-Covenanter prisoners held at Dunnottar Castle
1692-Massacre of MacDonalds at Glencoe.
1701-William Kidd (Captain Kidd)  Infamous pirate hanged.
1720-Birth of  Charles Edward Stuart,"Bonnie Prince Charlie".
1723-Adam Smith  father of economics born at Kirkcaldy.
1736-James Watt Developer of the steam engine born.
1745-Bonnie Prince Charlie arrives in Scotland proclaims himself King.
1746-Prince Charlie escapes to Skye, Scotland's most famous island
1746-Jacobite army defeated at Culloden, last battle fought on British soil.
1746- Flora MacDonald helped Bonnie Prince Charlie to safety.
1759-Robert Burns born.
1771-Sir Walter Scott born.
1813-Birth of David Livingstone.
1835-Birth of Andrew Carnegie.
1847- Alexander Graham Bell  the inventor of the telephone born..
1865-Joseph Lister pioneered the use of antiseptics
1850-Robert Louis Stevenson born, author of "Kidnapped" and "Treasure Island".
1852-Prince Albert buys Balmoral Castle.
1856-Birth of  James Keir Hardie  a founder of the British Labour Party.
1870-William Wallace monument completed at Stirling
1879-Dundee Tay Rail Bridge Disaster.
1890-Forth Rail Bridge opened
1925-John Logie Baird demonstrated first Television.
1928-Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin.
1930-St Kilda evacuated
1997-Referendum 'yes' vote for Scottish Parliament.