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Sandwood Bay, Scotland

SandwoodBay.jpg (8128 bytes)Sandwood Bay is, quite simply, the most magnificent beach in the UK. It offers over two kilometers of wide pink sand backed by huge sand dunes and a loch, and is bounded by cliffs and an impressive sea stack. It faces north west, straight into the teeth of the worst the North Atlantic can throw at it.On the far northwest coast of Scotland lies this magical place, arguably the most beautiful bay in the world. The best approach of all is to walk above the cliffs all the way from Cape Wrath, the most northwesterly point of the Scottish mainland. The distance as the seagull flies is about 10 kilometres but with the ins and outs and ups and downs of this rugged coastline it is quite a tough day's walking. A far easier approach is from Blairmore to the south where John Muir Trust, who now own a large part of this area, have built a small carpark and pleasingly banned vehicles from the rough track to Loch na Gainimh. Beyond this loch the track deteriorates and in places is in a dreadful state of bog and erosion.
Sandwood Bay and its environs, seems to be one of those places that attracts strange phenomena. For hundreds of years the bay has been known as a haunt of the mermaids, they have been reported in the area as late as the 19th century. The bay is also reputed to be haunted by the ghost of a bearded sailor, clad in sea boots, a sailors cap and a brass buttoned tunic. He has been seen by crofters, fishermen and walkers, basically every group of people who have reason to frequent the area. The ghost is said to be that of a sailor who died when a Polish ship was wrecked in the bay. Sandwood Loch and Cottage are also said to be haunted by a ghost, that of an Australian who used to visit the area. He makes himself known by his heavy footsteps, although this ghost and that of the sailor could may be related.

The beach is best approached from the South along the Oldshoremore Road



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